Talal Beidas

Talal Beidas


 I am currently a second year resident specializing in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at Virginia Commonwealth University. I grew up in Texas, and did my studies at the University of Texas at Austin and University of Texas Health Science Center (Houston).

Tutor Experience:

I have a passion for tutoring, and have over 250+ hours in tutoring all different science and health profession subjects. 

Skills & Interests:

My goal is to help students realize their potential and prepare students for their examinations in the most efficient and productive way possible. 

Student Testimonial:
I learn a lot every session, especially with the mnemonics and tables he shares with us. The sessions help me organize my thoughts and eliminate the wrong answers when solving difficult questions. What I find beneficial is reading the questions out loud and dissecting them together as well as discussing why every option is wrong.
Hana A
Student, Khalifa University
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