Soroush Kazemi

Soroush Kazemi


I was born in Iran, raised in Los Angeles, and currently attend UC Davis School of Medicine as a 4th year med student.

Tutor Experience:

I have over 13 years’ experience teaching, tutoring, and mentoring students of all grade levels and learning styles. Previous roles include MCAT Instructor at The Princeton Review, Pre-med Advisor at UCSB, Doctoring 4 Facilitator at UC Davis, and many others

Skills & Interests:

I enjoy basketball, backgammon, hiking, videogames, and watching Seinfeld. My favorite foods are burritos, beef stroganoff, and cheesecake.

Student Testimonial:
I learn a lot every session, especially with the mnemonics and tables he shares with us. The sessions help me organize my thoughts and eliminate the wrong answers when solving difficult questions. What I find beneficial is reading the questions out loud and dissecting them together as well as discussing why every option is wrong.
Hana A
Student, Khalifa University
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